Sophienholm organize exhibitions of artistic and cultural-historic interest. The beautiful old building was built in the classical style in the early 1800’s and is located north of Copenhagen at Bagsværd lake. The gardens and the building's neo-classical look is designed by the French architect Jean Jacques Ramée, who is also responsible for Øregaard and other noteworthy buildings in the Copenhagen area. In the early 1960’s the Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality purchased the site for cultural purposes.

At least 5 major exhibitions are arranged each year, where 1: the focus is on relevant themes, or 2: solo exhibitions with Danish and prominent international artists, or 3: with current and historical art exhibitions. The mission is to show art of a high quality to a wide audience. This is done by organizing exhibitions with comprehensive and up to date art, and cultural events related to these exhibitions. Initiatives, which collectively produce experience and reflection, and get people to leave with a feeling of being enriched, or a wish to contribute to the aesthetic debate.

The house’s special historical quality and the outdoor environment also contribute to creating experiences in the form of outdoor theatre, music and children's entertainment in the summer. The park contains a large collection of sculptures, created by prominent Danish sculptors. Sophienholm is also home to the Municipality’s Art School for children.

Sophienholm has been a member of the Danish Association of Art Centers since its inception in 1992.

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