Den Frie Udstillingsbygning

Den Frie Udstillingsbygning (Exhibition building) is built by artists for art and strives to establish a diverse exhibition program of high aestehic quality, produced, initiated or curated by the artists or in collaboration with curators. Den Frie Exhibition Building is located across from Østerport train station, Østerbro, Copenhagen. Den Frie is preoccupied with the contemporary and shows the unfolding artistic developments of the day and produce exhibitions of procedural, innovative character.

With Den Frie’s historical starting point at the intersection of art, architecture and design, it aims to show art that explores the boundaries between art forms. Den Frie endeavours to put together an interesting and varied exhibition program that challenges the exhibition building's specific architecture. Den Frie was founded by artists in1898 as an alternative to the censored Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg. Den Frie is the oldest association of artists in Denmark and because of this maintains a significant place in the history of Danish art and culture.

Den Frie show 8–10 exhibitions yearly. Collective exhibition formats have played a major role in Den Fries history and at least one annual exhibition with an artist group, in addition to one organized by the Associati
on and the owners is presented by Den Frie. Furthermore there are solo exhibitions with both young promising artists, mid-career exhibitions and artists that art-historically have made an important contribution. The exhibition program is compiled by Den Fries artistic director and approved by Den Frie’s acting Board. Through an ‘open call’ notice, all interested parties can bid with exhibition proposals for selected periods of viewing.

Den Frie Udstillingsbygning became a member of the Danish Association of Art Centers in 2012

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