Kunsthal Aarhus

Kunsthal Aarhus is a modern exhibition center for contemporary art in the heart of Aarhus. The art center is distinguished by cutting edge art, groundbreaking architecture and an intimate atmosphere.Kunsthal Aarhus offers a research-based, participat ory, collaborative and multidisciplinary platform for artistic experimentation and critical engagement.

Kunsthal Aarhus strive to be an inclusive, transparent, dynamic and flexible institution that supports the cult of culture and values a diverse approach to art. Kunsthal Aarhus was founded in 1917 on the initiative of the Board of the Aarhus Art Society of 1847 and is one ofthe oldest art centers in Denmark and Europe. With its primary mission to "inspire and promote a general understanding of the fine arts" the exhibition space was received with great enthusiasm by the public.Ever since, Kunsthal Aarhus has played a key role in developing and presenting international contemporary art in Denmark.

Kunsthal Aarhus both order new works and produce and present art on an international level to local aswell as regional and international audiences. Kunsthal Aarhus show art in a broad context where art relates to other fieldsthat connect with people’s everyday lives and works with the most sustainable approach.


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Photo: Malte Riis