Rønnebæksholm is now an exhibition space, but the history of the old country house dates back to the 1300’s, and the place has been the setting for Denmark's firstgunpowder mill as well as Grundtvig's greatest love.
Næstved County Council acquired the buildings in 1998 and carried out a thorough renovation of the main building and the beautiful Manor Stables. Both have beautiful bright rooms, providing the perfect setting for art exhibitions as well as concerts, lectures and other events.nnThe core of the activities at Rønnebæksholm are the changing exhibitions in the main building, where 4-6 exhibitions are shown annually.

The focus is on modern and contemporary art and the emphasis is on the visual arts. The Manor Stables, the gardens and Gruntvigs pavilion ”Venligheden” are also used for exhibitions, concerts and other events.

Rønnebæksholm became a member of the Danish Association of Art Centers in 2014.


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