Overgaden. Institut for Samtidskunst

Overgaden. The Institute for Contemporary Art has existed since 1986 and is one of Copenhagen’s most experimental exhibition spaces for contemporary art. The Institute is housed in a former factory building on Overgaden Neden Vandet at Christianshavn’s Canal. As an institute for contemporary art, it is Overgaden’s aim to present the artistic experiment and contribute to the development of the debate on the role of contemporary art in Denmark.

Overgaden’s exhibitions are perc eived as a form of knowledge production and as a basis for further research. Overgaden endeavor therefore to accommodate as broad a spectrum as possible within the current contemporary art scene, both in its exhibition policy and the debate being generated on site. Overgaden began as an artistic experiment in the 1980’s to cater for art that would not fit into the art-worlds other established formats.

Overgaden are specialists in meticulously planned solo exhibitions and therefore show only new product ions. In addition, Overgaden run a number of discursive activities such as artist talks, lectures, seminars, film and video showings. With these Overgaden seek to act as a catalyst and an arena for debate, communication and dialogue about art today. As an artist and curator it is possible to apply to Overgaden for an exhibition period.

Overgaden became a member of the Danish Association of Art Centers in November 2013.


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